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What are some typical end uses for Amatex products?

Military Cloth, Lagging, Insulation, Marine, Curtains, Industrial Heat Pads, Valve Covers, Flange Covers, Welding, High Temperature Gasketing, Sleeving for seamless coverings and Insulation Matting

What makes fiberglass such a great fabric to use in many applications?

Fiberglass yarns are made of very fine glass fibers that can be used as insulation and protective materials. The heat resistance and tensile strength of fiberglass yarn is high, it also exhibits excellent chemical resistance and low thermal conductivity. Fiberglass filaments are available in a wide range of diameters to suit different end uses. Fiberglass fabrics have broad versatility that include variations on the fiberglass yarn quality, the yarn sizes, fabric contruction, finishes and/or treatments. Fiberglass may be a cost-efficient solution for your needs. Amatex offers a large selection of fiberglass products.

What are some physical properties of fiberglass?

Fiberglass exhibits excellent dimensional stability, will not stretch or shrink, and has a high tensile strength. Fiberglass has very low moisture absorption and is complemented by a high chemical resistance- with the exceptions of acids like hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid. It will resist chemicals, mildew, and rotting. Significant properties of fiberglass include high thermal endurance and low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity - dissipating heat quicker than other fibers.

What is the difference between fiberglass and silica?

Fiberglass and silica are manufactured from silica sand. Fiberglass has a higher percentage of other compounds added to the formulation and is compromised of about 2/3 silica sand while silica fabric is a much purer fiber, containing mostly silica sand and very little of the other added compounds. Fiberglass and silica are both excellent to use to protect against high temperatures- standard Amatex Fiberglass products are used for temperatures up to 1000º Fahrenheit (538º Celsius) and Amatex Silica Cloth handles heat levels and protection to 2000º F (1093º C).

Do you offer different types of finish options for fabrics? What about different colors?

Amatex offers multiple finishing options and color choices. Amatex textiles can be treated with special finishes to meet specific requirements. These finishes include: heat treatment to improve cutting qualities, weave set treatment to improve cutting and sewing, oil & water repellent finishing, and finishes meant to enhance heat resistance. In addition, Amatex offers coatings that include silicone, acylic, neoprene, and vinyl. Typical colors include red, black, and gray. Other colors are available upon request. Amatex fabrics are available laminated to aluminized Mylar film and aluminum foil.