G17TFL-60-TFSB Teflon Coated Fabric

Base Fabric



Black silicone one side, teflon reverse side

Available Widths, standard

60" (1.5m)

Roll Length, yards

50 (45.7m)

Weave Style

Satin Weave

Fabric Weight, oz./sq yd, average

17 (529 gm/sq.m)

Fabric Thickness, inches

0.019 (0.483 mm)

Warp Strength, lbs/in.

250.0 (114 Kg/2.54cm)

Fill Strength, lbs/in.

240.0 (110 Kg/2.54 cm)

Abrasion Resistance

Very Good

Temperature Tolerance

To 500°F (260°C) Higher for very brief periods

Solvent Resistance


Sunlight & Age Resistance


Electrical Properties

High dielectric strength, low constants

Available Finishes

Black silicone and PTFE Teflon One side each; May be used in military applications-for special MIL Spec use call Sales

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