An AMATEX woven thermoglass fabric, heat treated with aluminum foil on one side. Applications include protective curtains, lagging cloth, vapor and flange spray shields, and heat reflection. 

G19P33- -31AL3

Base Fabric



Aluminum foil one side, tan reverse side

Available Widths, standard

48", 58", 60" (1.22m, 1.47m, 1.52m)

Fabric Weight, oz./sq yd, average

20.5 (697 gm/sq.m)

Fabric Thickness, inches

0.032 (0.81mm)

Warp Strength, lbs/in.

200.0 (90.9 Kg/2.54cm)

Fill Strength, lbs/in.

100.0 (45.5 Kg/2.54cm)

Abrasion Resistance


Temperature Tolerance

Base fabric to 1000 deg. F (540 deg. C)

Acrylic Adhesive to 325 deg F (163 deg. C)

Aluminum Foil to 1,000 def F (540 deg C)

Base Fabric Certifications

MIL-C-20079H, MIL-I-24244; US Coast Guard 164.009, NRC 1.36

Coating Certifications

1 Mil Aluminum Foil

Chemical Resistance

Excellent except Hydrofluoric and hot Phosphoric acid and wet Hydrogen Chloride

Solvent Resistance


Sunlight & Age Resistance


Available Finishes

Finish Number

31 Heat Treat, AL3 Aluminum foil one side; See Fabric Finish Options data sheet

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