G09P7G Rewet

G09P7G-60-34 REWET 

Base Fabric



White w/Rewet Adhesive 

Available Widths, standard

60" (1.5m)

Roll Length, yards

50 (45.7m)

Weave Style

Plain Weave (4 Harness)

Fabric Weight, oz./sq yd, average

14.5 (coated) (513 gm/sq.m)

Fabric Thickness, inches

0.023 (+/- .005") (0.58 mm)

Warp Strength, lbs/in.

100 (45.4 Kg/2.54 cm)

Fill Strength, lbs/in.

45 (20.5 Kg/2.54 cm)

Abrasion Resistance


Temperature Tolerance

To 1000 deg. F (540 deg. C)

Solvent Resistance


Sunlight & Age Resistance


Electrical Properties

High dielectric strength, low constants

Base Fabric Certifications

MIL-C-20079H, MIL-I-24244, U.S. Coast Guard 164.009, NRC 1.36

Coating Certifications

MIL-C-20079H, Type 1, Class 4

Chemical Resistance

Excellent except Hydrofluoric and hot Phosphoric acid and wet Hydrogen Chloride

Available Finishes

34, rewet adhesive 

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