Amatex Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial textile products for high temperature applications.

70+ Years of Excellence

Since 1950, Amatex Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing fiberglass textiles products for high temperature applications. Standard fiberglass products are used for temperatures to 1000 ºF; basalt products are used for temperatures to 1200 ºF; silica fabrics are used for temperatures up to 1800 ºF. Industries include welding, power, chemical, automotive, marine, and hearth.


Our Products

  • Amamat
  • Amatex Silica Fabrics
  • Aluminized Fabrics
  • Special Coated Thermoglass Cloth
  • Wire Inserted Cloth
  • Industrial Quality Vertex Cloth
  • Padmaster
  • Industrial Quality Fiberglass Cloth
  • Premium Quality Fiberglass Cloth
  • Gasketing & Pipe Insulation
  • Thermoglass Braided Ropes
  • Thermoglass Twisted Ropes
  • Thermoglass Wick
  • Amatex Square Knitted Rope
  • Thermoglass Tadpole Window Gasket
  • Amatex Woven Window Gasket
  • Amatex Flat Knitted Tape


Featured Products

Thermoglass Premium Tape

Amatex Premium Quality ThermoglassTM Tapes are carefully woven and sized using fiberglass yarns.

Thermoglass Knit Rope

Amatex Thermoglass knitted ropes are made in numerous sizes and densities to meet most end uses. If you require a compressible rope with good elastic properties or if you require a denser rope for a firmer seal, we can fill your needs.

Basalt Woven Tape

Basalt, an igneous rock with origins to molten lava, is spun into fibers and assembled as yarns that are expertly woven into Amatex Basalt Fiber Tape. These tapes take advantage of the strength, flexibility, and excellent thermal prop


19 oz Aluminized Fabric

Padmaster 42

An AMATEX woven thermoglass heavy weight plain fabric with special vertex treatment to a tan color.

Thermoglass® Wicking, Twisted Ropes and Braided Rope

Amatex Thermoglass® wick, twisted and braided ropes are made in numerous popular outside diameter sizes to meet many end uses.


A light weight fiberglass woven fabric with a silver-gray silicone rubber to yield a 15 oz. cloth.


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