G30PAB- -7B


An AMATEX woven roving thermoglass fabric of a heavier weight in a plain weave coated with blue Vertex. Applications include all general industrial uses as well as welding and stress relief blankets and drop cloths. Resistant to most chemicals, offers thermal protection for temperatures up to 1600 degrees F.

Base Fabric




Available Widths, standard

40", 60" (1.0m, 1.5m)

Roll Length, yards

50 (45.7m)

Weave Style


Fabric Weight, oz./sq yd, average

30 (1019 gm/sq.m)

Fabric Thickness, inches

0.048 (+/-.005") (1.22mm)

Warp Strength, lbs/in.

300.0 (136 Kg/2.54cm)

Fill Strength, lbs/in.

150.0 (68 Kg/2.54 cm)

Abrasion Resistance


Temperature Tolerance*

To 1600 deg. F (870 deg. C) Higher for very brief periods

Chemical Resistance

Excellent except Hydrofluoric and hot Phosphoric acid and wet Hydrogen Chloride

Solvent Resistance


Sunlight & Age Resistance


Electrical Properties

High dielectric strength/low constants

Available Finishes

Finish Number

7B, Vertex Blue; See Fabric Options data sheet

*Temperature Tolerance established only as a benchmark of fabric to a propane torch flame test exposing the fabric to 2000°F during which hole(s) d not form in the cloth. At this temperature the fiberglass fabric does, however, embrittle.

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